Maintenance of microbead septic tanks 6 months of maintenance

For septic tanks, wastewater tanks, grease tanks, sumps.

  • Liquefies the paper and organic matter discharged by your home.
  • Enables costly and polluting emptying to be limited.
  • Prevents clogging and odours: maintains the septic tank’s balance, particularly in the event of frequent use of chemical products such as WC gels and chemical drain clearing liquids.
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With EPUR microbead technology, you can now benefit from 6 months of optimal operation of your tank in a single application. Ideal for a second home with occasional stays, this innovative system uses non-pathogenic bacteria to maintain pit balance and prevent clogging.
This revolutionary solution reduces the volume of sludge and saves you costly and environmentally harmful oil changes. With a continuous diffusion of microorganisms, EPUR maintains an optimal bacterial balance for 6 months, even resistant to antibiotics, acids, bleach and soda.
The process is protected by a patent in France (n°FR2831080) and in Belgium (n°BE1014953).


  • Pour the contents of the box into the toilet bowl using the side opening, then flush the toilet twice.

With just a single gesture, enjoy a healthy and balanced pit for 6 months.

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500 g




The product or its components are not organically grown. The term "biological" refers to enzymes from microbiological organisms