Marseille soap shavings

Multi-purpose soap shavings.

  • It is effective for taking care of your textiles, whether they are delicate or sturdy.
  • It is recommended for preserving the beauty and softness of your woolen clothes.
  • Thanks to its degreasing properties, it is an excellent multi-surface household product.
  • It can be used to maintain your toilet, shower, or bathtub.
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Simple and effective, that’s what we expect from these Marseille soap shavings ! Whether it’s for making laundry detergent or a household cleaning product, its flake form makes it very easy to use.


Magic laundry recipe :

Become the laundry wizard with this enchanted recipe.

  • First, melt 40g of Marseille soap in 2 liters of hot water.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda for a little extra magic.
  • For a touch of aroma, add 10 drops of lavender essential oil.

Your potion is ready ! Use 100ml of the liquid in your machine to wash your clothes and make them sparkle as if by magic.

Soft wool spell :

To keep your woolens soft and fluffy, follow this simple spell.

  • Wash your woolen clothes with a little Marseille soap.
  • Rinse them in warm water with a few drops of white vinegar to prevent felting.
  • Your woolens are now ready to face the world gently, thanks to this magical spell.

Test on a small hidden area beforehand for any other use.

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750 g