Christmas window paint

The season of good resolutions begins now! We stop poisoning ourselves with artificial snow bombs and go green. 😉 All you need is water and Blanc de Meudon. Get yourself some brushes and sponges, and ... all you have to do is put on a Christmas playlist to liven things up.

Shopping list

1 dose Blanc de Meudon

Your essential utensils

Your preparation

The recipe is simple: 1 part blanc de Meudon and 1/2 part water, mix and you’re done! Fast, simple and, above all, effective.

Brush in hand, all that's left to do is choose which windows will have the honor of being decorated for the festive season. Psssst... it also works on mirrors. 😉
If, on the other hand, you're prepared to complicate the recipe, opt for stencils instead. The difficulty is... agreeing which stencils to use. 😉 The kids will love lending you a hand, believe me! Apply the mixture to a stencil with a sponge, leave to dry for 30 minutes, then gently remove the stencil and tadam! Homemade Christmas decorations.

Tip: Once you’ve printed the stencils of your choice, laminate them after cutting, to make them much easier to use. You can even opt for printing on cardboard. Guaranteed results!

Once the festivities are over, don’t panic: a damp sponge and your children’s drawings will come right off. As Blanc de Meudon is traditionally used to clean windows, yours will be spotlessly clean and ready to face the New Year!

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