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Why choose Epur ?

A safer choice

Your safety is our top priority. At Epur, we are committed to designing products that ensure your family’s health and well-being with every use.


From the selection of natural ingredients to recycled or recyclable packaging, every aspect of our products reflects our commitment to a more environmentally-friendly world.


At Epur, we combine the power of plant science with rigorous laboratory testing to ensure impeccable cleanliness every time.

Our essentials

The cleaning revolution

+ No water transported
+ Less plastic
+ Proven effectiveness
+ Ease of use
+ Ecocert certified

A new era in domestic cleaning has arrived! Discover our dilutable powder sachets, an innovative, eco-friendly solution for impeccable results.

Powder for dilution,

How does it work ?

Fill your bottle with water.

Pour in your Epur powder refill.

Screw the spray back on and shake.
Your product is ready !

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