Composition sheets

All the products we manufacture and market comply with the current regulations. A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is associated with each product or substance. It is available to all on request and allows, in addition to the safety label, to evaluate the danger of the product.

Please note: This is the latest formula distributed on the market. This may not correspond exactly to the label on your product. If you need more information, or if the information does not correspond with the product you have purchased, you can contact us by phone at +32 69 89 07 70

You will find the list of ingredients used for each CHEMBO BEVIL product sold in Europe.

Citric acid

Ref 1020400

Septic tank activator 4 months

Ref 1006800

Septic tank activator 4 months + 1 free

Ref 1006850

Septic tank activator 6 month

Ref 1002800

Septic tank activator 12 month

Ref 1007800

Septic tank activator 12 month

Ref 1003800

Micro-station maintenance

Ref 1009050

Drain sticks

Ref 1008900

Bicarbonate of soda

Ref 1020100

Bicarbonate of soda

Ref 1020150

Blanc de Meudon

Ref 1020250

Washing soda

Ref 1020350

Septic tank unblocker

Ref 1004800

Drain cleaner

Ref 1009100

Pipe unblocker in bags

Ref 1007925

Stagnant water unblocker

Ref 1021050

Unblocker maintenance

Ref 1021000

WC & grinder clearer

Ref 1003170

2 in 1 toilet descaler

Ref 1003150

Grease tank maintenance

Ref 1007950

Kitchen drain maintenance

Ref 1009200

Bathroom drain maintenance

Ref 1009250

1-year microbead pit maintenance

Ref 1007850

6-month microbead pit maintenance

Ref 1008800

Dilutable degreasing cleaner powder

Ref 1020065

Descaler powder for dilution

Ref 1020070

Multi-surface cleaner powder for dilution

Ref 1020075

Glass cleaner powder for dilution

Ref 1020110

Sodium percarbonate

Ref 1020450

Hand dishwashing powder

Ref 1020155

Marseille soap shavings

Ref 1020570

Natural black soap

Ref 1020560

Sorrel salt

Ref 1020300

Drain odour stopper

Ref 1009150


Ref 1020200

Rainwater treatment

Ref 1009010

Concentrated rainwater treatment

Ref 1009020

Emergency septic tanks

Ref 1004850

White vinegar

Ref 1020510