Epur gift set

A superb box containing all the basic products you need to make your own household products.

The Epur gift set includes :

1L Natural Black Soap
1L White Vinegar
500 ml Empty spray
500 g baking soda
400 g Citric Acid
GIFT: Recipe book + micro-fibres
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With this starter kit, you have everything you need to make simple but essential recipes for your home.
Essential products finally brought together to get eco-friendly cleaning off to a good start !

This kit lets you make your own environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective household products !

An ideal set as a gift or to treat yourself to naturally clean the house.

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Box: 1L Natural Black Soap, 1L White Vinegar, 500 ml Empty Spray, 500 g Baking Soda, 400 g Citric Acid + GIFT: Recipe Book + micro-fibres


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