Pipe unblocker in bags

For all drains, toilets & grease tanks.

  • Eliminates soap, grease, toilet paper and other organic waste responsible for plugging the drains.
  • Eliminates bad odours.
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EPUR UNBOUCHEUR CANALISATIONS is specially designed to liquefy grease, soap, paper and food residues that cause blockages in your pipes. Ideal for unclogging and maintaining your sanitary installation. It is composed of a mixture of non-pathogenic bacteria and specific enzymes which make it an ideal unblocker without constraint for your sanitary installation. Safe for pipes, septic tanks or grease traps. Strengthen the microflora of pits and grease traps.


  • Mix in 150 ml of lukewarm water and pour down the drain.

3-DAY TREATMENT: soaps, grease and other food residues slowly clog all the pipes and cause slow flows after several years. We recommend pouring 2 to 4 pockets in each pipe during 3 successive days to solve the problem.

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15 x 35 g




The product or its components are not organically grown. The term "biological" refers to enzymes from microbiological organisms