Rainwater treatment

For the treatment of rainwater.

  • Clarifies & removes odors from your cistern and outdoor rainwater tank.
  • Biological action* based on micro-organisms.
  • Dissolves grease, soap and organic matter.
  • Treats up to 6000 L
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When you use rainwater for your toilets, watering or cleaning. The water may sometimes be cloudy or milky or give off unpleasant odours. Use EPUR TREATMENT FOR RAINWATER, it clarifies cistern or outdoor reservoir water and removes odours. After 48 hours, the treated water is suitable for watering plants or the vegetable garden. Chlorine-free.


Use the product preferably at the end of the day to let it act all night. Avoid using the product before heavy rain.

  • Pour the product on the surface of the tank.
  • Repeat the operation in the event of heavy rainfall. Wait 48 hours before using treated water.

Dosage : Content of a pod : 30g

  • Up to 500 L => 1 dose per 100 L of water every 2 months.
  • From 1000 L => 5 doses per 1000 L of water every 2 months.

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The product or its components are not organically grown. The term "biological" refers to enzymes from microbiological organisms