Drain sticks

For kitchen and bathroom drains.

  • Degrades the food residues as well as the grease in your draining.
  • Prevents clogging and bad smells.
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The EPUR PIPE STICK is ideal for keeping your drains clean. It effectively breaks down food residue and accumulated grease, preventing bad odors and clogging in your kitchen and bathroom. Made from natural active ingredients such as non-pathogenic microorganisms and enzymes, it is safe and effective for maintaining your drains.


Insert a stick into the strainer or drain of your kitchen or bathroom drain.

The successive streams of water continuously release the active ingredients from the stick, thus offering continuous maintenance.

After a month of normal use, the stick will be completely dissolved and evacuated. Then repeat this operation to maintain efficiency.

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12 x 2 g




The product or its components are not organically grown. The term "biological" refers to enzymes from microbiological organisms