Grease tank maintenance

For grease tanks.

  • Acts biologically in order to liquefy matters (grease, sugar, starch, proteins, soap…)
  • Prevents plugging.
  • Prevents build-ups of odours.
  • Allows the chore of cleaning the grease tank to be less frequent.
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EPUR Grease Trap Maintenance is a product designed to biologically liquefy food residues from fats, oils, sugars, proteins, starches, and celluloses. It effectively removes deposits, prevents grease trap blockages, and eliminates bad odors in the pipes. It is ideal for the maintenance and degreasing of grease traps.


Use the product preferably at the end of the day to let it act all night.

  • Each week, pour the recommended dose into a glass of warm water, then pour the mixture into the sink.

It is important to avoid running boiling water for the next few hours.

In case of blockage or slow drainage, dilute the entire contents of the jar in a bucket of warm water, then immediately pour the mixture into the grease trap.

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750 g




The product or its components are not organically grown. The term "biological" refers to enzymes from microbiological organisms