Septic tank unblocker

For septic tanks, wastewater tanks, grease tanks, sumps.

  • Unblocks the septic tank.
  • Reactivates the septic tank after an emptying.
  • Eliminates the odours caused by the mixing of the sludge.
  • Restarts the new (first use) septic tank.
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EPUR Septic Tank Unblocker contains non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes that massively seed the tank, degrade cellulose (papers, sanitary napkins…), dissolve surface crusts, and eliminate odors.
The product is used :

  • To unblock a septic tank.
  • To restart the pit after emptying and eliminate odors caused by sludge mixing.
  • To start a new septic tank (first use). Resists and acts against the negative impact of antibiotics, acids, bleaching agent and caustic soda.

  • Pour, through the lateral opening, pour the entire contents of the box into the toilet bowl and flush the toilet 2 times.

After one week, it is strongly recommended to continue maintenance with EPUR Septic Tank Activator.

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500 g




The product or its components are not organically grown. The term "biological" refers to enzymes from microbiological organisms